Wetmore EDM Systems provides

Electrical Discharge Machining Consulting Services

Custom Fixture Design And Build Services

Automation & Turnkey Solutions

Wetmore EDM Systems provides consulting services to manufacturers utilizing
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) in all industries, including aerospace, medical,
and automotive. Whether Wire, Conventional (Ram or Sinker), or Fast Hole EDM,
Wetmore EDM Systems has the expertise to provide solutions to
precision machining challenges.

Services are typically focused on one or more of the following:
- Process development
- Training
- Method analysis and improvement, including
Operator safety
Analysis of part tolerances and surface finishes
Determination of machining operations to be performed
Equipment requirements
Part handling
Electrode material selection
Power supply settings and variables
Flushing considerations

All other factors involved in the successful manufacture of a finished
component with superb quality, as cost effectively and safely as possible.

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