Training is not just about knowledge, it is also about having the ability to pass on that knowledge.

Why do your operators need training?

Typically a company will purchase equipment, and their operators receive factory training. Often the crew that was properly trained on the equipment is no longer operating the equipment. Was the training "passed down" from operator to operator? Information may be watered down over the years. Even employees with the best intentions do not transfer all of their knowledge, because so much of it seems second nature to them, and they may not be used to the training environment.

I provide expert training that is custom-tailored to your needs, at your facility. Here is a brief description. (For a complete syllabus, contact me)

Your people will learn:

Machine operation
  All machine operation functions are detailed.

  All factory recommended procedures, including printed maintenance schedules used to document which maintenance items were done by whom, and when.

  All G, M, and T codes are thoroughly explained. Programming procedures, including sub programs, nested looping, operator input commands, upper/lower surface programs, correct use and manipulation of variables, passing variables between programs, sixth axis and indexer programming, etc.

  All Modes and Sub Modes, RS-232, and correct setting of machine parameters.

How to EDM
  Proper part set-up, programming procedures, and solutions to common problems.

What is not covered
  The APT part programming system, or any other CAD-CAM system. Class does include instruction on information that post-processors should generate.
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